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            How Technology Is Reshaping Democracy and Our Lives

            We are at a pivotal moment in history, as technology collides with our democracy, our fundamental approach to education, and our mental, physical, and emotional health. Starting with a new book from our founder, Jim Steyer, Common Sense is bringing together notable journalists, engineers, entrepreneurs, activists, storytellers, business leaders, and scholars to explore the ethics (or lack thereof) behind Big Tech.

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            "In the rush to innovate, we forgot to pay attention to fairness."

            Ellen Pao, "Tech, Heal Thyself"

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            "Privacy has been losing badly, as users have become the online equivalent of cheap dates to these giant tech companies."

            Kara Swisher, "Be Paranoid"

            Which Side of History?: How Technology Is Reshaping Democracy and Our Lives is a collection of essential essays, provocative perspectives, and calls to action that challenge the status quo, and that could—if we are willing to listen—redefine our relationship with technology.

            The onset of the coronavirus pandemic brought cascading crises and a deeper dependency on technology to keep us connected—but at a cost. We're using tech for work, education, health care, essential services, and fun. That same technology is spreading misinformation and threatening free and open democracies. It's widening the gap between rich and poor, taxing our emotional capacities and mental health, and creating social inequities by leaving behind those of us who are underserved and under-connected.

            Common Sense is committed to leading the way to a future where all kids and families can thrive in a world of media and technology. We hope you'll join us as we chart the path forward.

            We are at a crossroads

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            Hear directly from experts and practitioners in a series of provocative conversations that explore the promise and peril of technology, and its outsize impact on our lives. We'll ask tough questions and collaborate to find answers, together.

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            Common Sense has been a leading advocate for kids' well-being since our founding in 2003. Over the course of nearly two decades, we have fought for educational equity and opportunity, effective use of technology in the classroom, privacy protections, and policy changes to minimize the potential downsides of media and technology—and to ensure high-quality media choices for families, educators, and everyday consumers. Our research program underpins everything we do and informs a global conversation around kids' media and technology use trends over time. 

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