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Fun, diverse tween dino adventure has some scary moments.
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Adult Written bybcstage September 20, 2020

Definitely not for small children

This show is rated TV-PG, and there's a reason it's not Y or G. The show mirrors the events on Jurassic World, but from the perspective of six teenagers who are there for a camp when the dinosaurs inevitably get loose. Thefirst few episodes are typical kids show adventure stuff, but by the end of the series, there are people very clearly getting eaten by dinosaurs, even in they're not on screen. The children are in very tense, dangerous situations, and it doesn't have that feeling other kids shows have that everyone is going to make it out ok in the end. Only show this to children if they are comfortable with shows involving real danger, constantly growing tension, and legitimately frightening jump scenes.

That being said, if your child is old and mature enough, it's actually a pretty good show once it gets going. The main characters are diverse and complex, and there are good messages about teamwork, friendship, and acceptance of others. The tension and action are good enough to keep adults engaged, as well.

Also, at risk of a spoiler, the end of season 1 is a cliffhanger, not a resolution - so if you are looking for a happy ending, you might want to wait until the series is complete.

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Adult Written byEMom28 September 20, 2020

Almost 8 year old loves it

I would say ages 8+ as long as your child isn’t overly sensitive/prone to scares. There is a lot of peril/close calls and even though it is animated, it’s pretty realistic. There is no gore and you don’t see it up close and personal, but 2 people are clearly eaten by dinosaurs (no kids/main characters). I appreciated the diversity of the characters, the story was engaging with some good messages coming across, and we really enjoyed watching it together. The characters only cross paths with one of the movie characters, and that is Dr. Wu, but there are small hints of the events happening with the movie characters - pretty cool.
Adult Written byFancyshoes September 29, 2020

I’ll keep this short. This Gets Intense!

I would recommend this for older kids that can handle some intense scary dinosaur action. Also recommend for adults that are fans of Jurassic Park.

I have a sensitive 10 year old that I won’t show this to. I think my 12 year old would enjoy and not be kept up at night.

The teens in the show nearly die in almost every episode.

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Adult Written bycrostac September 27, 2020

Wokewashing at its best

First episode starts with a young black kid being spoken to arrogantly by an older, “rich” white kid with a girl sporting a typical colored boyish haircut observing - so that’s what toxic masculinity looks like. I didn’t need to see anymore. This term created to simply undermine debate by undermining the person and not the facts - just disgusts me. Mansplaining, whitesplainng - pick the term of your choice. No need to watch any further.
Adult Written byaml1676 September 24, 2020

Pretty safe viewing for early elementary

My 6 yr old and I watched this together; she might be a mature 6, but she was pretty nonplussed by the dinosaur action. She wants to be a paleontologist when she grows up, so she's up for anything dinosaur-related. I think the ending could be disturbing for younger kids, though mine wasn't bothered by it.
Adult Written byscarlettthedrag... September 20, 2020

welcome to camp Cretaceous!!!

camp Cretaceous is a very good show it takes place before the shut down of Jurassic world and has quite a few Jurassic world theme perils there no blood though of course but you do know when a character had just died it has a cliffhanger ending which is annoying but means there might be a season 2 if you liked it also one of the kids is voiced by the same man who does Jeff on Clarence a Cartoon Network show